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"Thanks so much for your insight on creating our new website. When a project like this goes so smoothly; you are the one to know to get a business on the Internet. Thanks again for making our website ACTUALLY WORK! Our previous website wasn't worth a can of beans....but you showed us another avenue."

Bill Poss, Luigi's Pizza

Web Development Packages

Basic Package - Starter Web Site - Bronze Package
Content Management
Site Maintenance & Updates
10 Email Addresses - 1 User Account

Growing Business Package - Online Presence Web Site - Silver Package
Content Management
Site Maintenance & Updates
10 Email Addresses - 1 User Account
1,000 Email Newsletters/Mo.
Web Forms
And More!

Advanced Business Package - Online Presence E-Commerce Web Site - Gold Package
Content Management
Site Maintenance & Updates
10 Email Addresses - 1 User Account
10,000 Email Newsletters/Mo.
Web Forms
Events & Bookings
Custom Web Applications
And More!

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Customer Relationship Managment CRM Database

Finding someone that can give you prompt attention with site changes and enhancements can be difficult. Many Webmasters have found that Web Site maintenance for their clients needs to be batched into a one-time-per-month chore. Not at Your Site Doctor. We work very diligently to provide your changes within 24-48 hours. This is your business and we care about your Web Site as much as you do!

We use a flat fee each month for your Web Site Maintenance. We don't want to nickel and dime our clients, but allow them the freedom to change their site often to present the most up-to-date presence to site visitors. You never want your site to look stale, so send in your changes and we'll get them done for you!

Retail & Wholesale Sales

Do you feel trapped without a back door? Does your Webmaster hold the key to your site? Would you like to be able to make changes...if you wanted? Well, Content Management for non-Webmasters should be available and easy to use. Our Site Editor is as easy as a word processing program. We are happy to make all of the site changes for you, but we want you to feel happy, not trapped!

Online Bookings & Events

You need a system that is easy to use, saving you hours of time when prices need to be changed. The E-commerce system that we use is very user friendly and you can make your price changes very easily with very little investment in time.


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