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What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

Linda Vadnais - Friday, July 08, 2011

Web Design is the process of creating or designing the HTML markup language to build a picture or site for a user to visit to find information.  A Web Designer uses HTML coding to provide instructions for a Browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to interpret to provide the image you see on your monitor.  Usually, a Web Designer only develops a static site.  A Web Designer may build your site for you and that may be the end of the service.

A Web Developer provides the same basic service, but usually steps beyond the static site to offer a more "dynamic" or interactive experience to the site visitor.  This may be the function of logging into a Member Only section, selling online or using a CRM program to track a visitors experience.  Your relationship with your Web Developer is usually on-going as you continue to develop your business, online. Usually, a business owner does not have the time to learn how to continue to develop the ongoing online business needs, so a Web Developer is usually contracted over a long period of time.

Your Site Doctor offers Web Development services with continued customer support.  If you are looking for just a Web Designer, then make sure you understand that you will need to invest time yourself on maintenance and care of the site after the Web Designer has completed the site.  There is nothing worse than a stale looking site with broken links.  If you aren't able to continue maintaining your site, then find a partner that can help you in that area.  Your site is probably the first impression a new customer has of your business;  make that first impression a good one!